Ruby             Roulette

I perform and offer workshops and private classes in HoopYogini™, hoop dance, or a combination of the two.

HoopYogini™ is a transformational fitness program integrating hula hooping with hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation.  It tones the body, calms the mind, stimulates creativity, and promotes feelings of connection,  oneness, and peace.  I trained with founder Jocelyn Gordon to become a certified instructor of HoopYogini™ in 2013 and have since taught private classes and lead a week-long workshop as part of a Hoop-Yoga retreat in Fethiye, Turkey.  I bring a unique Elemental approach acquired through study with Laura Page (formerly Shakti Sunfire) to my HoopYogini™ classes invoking the embodied wisdom of Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth in order to guide my students toward a more deepened awareness and open communication between the Soul Body, Sensory Body, and Earth Body.  More importantly, I listen to my body before each class and respond accordingly.  If my body needs a dance party, there will most definitely be a dance party moment!

Hula Hoop